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Barlows Students Thoughts about the Parking Orientation

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Driving to school has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages to it. It’s how you can get to school later and stay after for extra help or a sport, but there are also problems to this. Joel Barlow is now addressing the problems associated with driving to school such as the vandalism, scratches on cars, and dents made by student drivers.

To park on school property you must have a parking pass which cost $150, and only last for that year. The new mandatory way to get a parking pass is that you have to go to a mandatory orientation to discuss what to do if you are in a crash, dent or scratch another student car on school property.

Mr. Henry DeAangelo, is the  speaker of the orientation and a counselor. A frequent question that was asked at the orientation was, “What was the main idea for starting the mandatory meeting for Junior and Senior parking?” D’angelo always stated the same response.“ Dr. Pin had came to me and a couple of weeks before that notice went out it said that she wanted to put a meeting together for all junior and seniors because there were a lot of messages that needed to be conveyed around parking and that’s really a big carrot for students,” he said. “She asked if I would volunteer to speak the three different times,  of course I said absolutely because as a former dean of students there’s alway been issue around parking and student safety and vandalism.”

He also answered another question a lot of students about why the meeting was mandator.?  “So this doesn’t give the student an excuse saying, oh I didn’t know that. What we used to do is give the students a piece of paper and most if not all of the time they do not read it.,” he said. “In the middle of it we could’ve said you’re going to forfeit your first child in ten years, but no ones cares to reads it. So by making the orientation mandatory they could explain the bullet points on the paper that no one cares to read about and make sure the students all recognize the rules of parking.”

Mr. DelAngelo wanted to make sure that people understood what the meeting entailed. “Well the first half hour or so was talking about things like getting into accidents and vandalism and such,” he said. “The rest was talking about drugs because kids believe things such as, oh I drive better while drunk or that would never happen to me type of situation, so the administration as myself felt that it was necessary to go over such topics with the incoming student drivers.”

Jake Bernard, is a junior and it is his first time parking in the parking lot. “I felt that it was mostly unnecessary to spend 90 minutes in the auditorium listening to someone talk about how we should not vandalize someone’s car and if we were to hit a car to immediately go to the office and all that stuff,” he said. “That was for about 30 minutes and for the rest they just talked an hour about drugs which wasn’t really necessary for us to listen.”

  A mother who has twins that go to Joel Barlow had her own opinion on the orientation. “To spend 90 minutes inside a un-A/C room was a bit ridiculous but I did somewhat agree with the information about students should not share spots and should not allow other kids into their own personal vehicles.”

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Barlows Students Thoughts about the Parking Orientation