Who are the Morning Announcers at Barlow?

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Everyday, Susannah Gregg and Finn Navin meet at the main office of Joel Barlow to announce to the upcoming sports, activities, and events going on. Susannah is now a junior, and this is her first year participating in the morning announcements. This is Finn’s second year, and unfortunately, his last year assisting the morning announcements.

Susannah Gregg, now a junior, reports about sports and Finn likes to report about college visits, but they both try to split up the announcements evenly. They give general information – like the date – the pledge, which is followed by a moment of silence, and any other important information for the students and staff.

Finn enjoyed reporting the announcements, so he decided to continue reporting for another year.

“Yes, I think I’m going to do it next year,” Susannah said. People have recommended students to join her next year, but she doesn’t have any specifics about it yet.

“We always try to have a junior and a senior, so the junior is always starting off,” said Mrs.Dobi,  who has been working in the front desk of Joel Barlow High School for 15 years. The senior could help out the junior to prepare for the next year as well.

Mrs.Dobi has seen the structure and role of the morning announcements change throughout the years. Years ago, they used to host the morning announcements from a teacher’s classroom. The students weren’t only trying to inform everyone about important events, but to entertain and brighten their morning. There used to be a fact of the day.

The announcements needed to be relocated because the teacher, Mr.Delangelo, had become a guidance counselor. The students started reporting in the main office, and tried getting school spirit going by covering all the sport games and when they are happening.

“We really hope kids are listening,” said Ms.Dobi. Students are told specific due dates and timelines. They remind the students of when are where they can get their school pictures taken. Recently, they have been reminding sophomores and juniors that they need to hand in $20 for taking the PSAT.

Because of time, the entertaining aspects needed to be cut out.

Finn and Susannah are both a part of theater. Susannah is assistant director of the upcoming Barlow play, Noises off, while Finn will actually be in the play.

Over the summer, Finn played the drums at a retirement home band in Utah. Susannah got a job at a cinema in Bethel, and is continuing to work there through the school year. Susannah enjoys english class and Finn really likes music theory.

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Who are the Morning Announcers at Barlow?