Unified Through Theater

RJ Giannicchi, Editor

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Unified Through Theater

By RJ Giannicchi


The unified theater project is a new program in the theater department that is aiming to get students in the special education program to participate in theater activities with other peers.

Leading the project is Kaitlyn Siedman, a junior who has been working with Special Ed since third grade and the theater department since sixth grade. Once she saw a student in the Special Ed program in the musical “Into The Woods” and seeing that Newtown High School has a similar program, Kaitlyn wanted to bring it to Barlow.

Kaitlyn has been looking into many shows but one in particular was the Wizard of Oz. “I want to do ‘Wizard of Oz’ since it is in the public domain and we will be able to change things around if needed,” she said.

Helping Kaitlyn along with this project is Mr. Timothy Aiezza. Mr. Aiezza is the head of the unified sport teams. Kaitlyn approached Mr. Aiezza with the idea for the unified theater and was ready to jump in on the project with her. “Kaitlyn was so enthusiastic and passionate about the idea I had to be apart of it,” he said. 

“The best thing that would help would be people coming to volunteer by making costumes and helping some kids with their lines or helping them get off stage when they need to make an exit,” she said.

Kaitlyn thinks that with the new program being initiated the kids will be able to work on and improve their team working and creative thinking abilities. “I definitely want people to look at the program and see how hard these kids can work and gain the respect from their peers after doing the show,” he said.  

Kaitlyn didn’t give a specific date on when the show will be performed but she gave a general idea. “Well right now with the new theater schedule and the musical being pushed later this year, times and dates may change but there is a spot after the senior show that I think administration wants to put us in so we don’t conflict with the others,” she said.

Nik Brannon is a local theater actor and theater participant, who also shared his opinion on the matter. “I think that unified theater is a great way to connect with students who have a trouble speaking out or make them feel that they are apart of something that they produce and make,” he said.

Sign ups to help out with the project and volunteer has not been posted but soon will and when it does this article will be updated with a link or Email address to get in contact.


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Unified Through Theater