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Pay to Play

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For the first time, students engaging in our school’s athletic department now have to pay the fee of $65 to participate, the simple reason, budget. As most of the school’s students and faculty know JBHS has had issues in the schools’ budget. The program “pay to participate” was put into action so that there would be no cuts.

Some information given by Cheri from the athletics department said, “With 92 coaches being paid an average of $5,000 per-season, there needed to be a way to keep all sports.” Adding the amount of money each student pays the school expects a rough estimate of $58,000 per year. All proceeds are going towards coach’s salary.

Coach Santangeli is the head coach for all sports; he is the supervisor of all athletics. As he no longer coaches for the school teams and the past few years, we have been dropping, or there have been new coaches coming and going throughout the seasons. “This was one of the best decisions that have been discussed to keep all sports available, and so far there have been no complaints on this account,” said Santangeli.

While parents now pay $65 for their child to engage in athletics, we are not the first in our district to do so. Now other schools have been using the ‘pay to participate’ organization for some time, and unlike our school, their fee is much higher.

Other schools such as Newtown and, Danbury have been asking for roughly $100 or so. However what comes to a real shock is Masuk high school, where there is a $250 fee.

There has always been a separate cost put aside for sports gear, yet federal and state taxes were not enough to pay every coach, even if some said coaches are teachers here at Barlow.

In related news, addition to interscholastic athletes, there was there was also the matter of extracurricular activities for students to participate in after school. With about 150 students paying a fee of $30 the estimated revenue is $4,500.

For years the rate of school finances has dropped at slow speeds, within state financials, schools get none little in athletic endures, with 72% going into educational measures. The 28% left goes to general administration, school necessity, maintenance, and transportation.

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Pay to Play