Coffee House: Free Food and Dope Music

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Every 3 months, on the first Friday of that month, JBHS school presents a Coffee House– a casual get together at night in the library, where teens perform music, comedy, improvisation, and more.

Coffee House doesn’t have to be perfect or overly rehearsed. It’s just a place where you can meet new people and chill out while listening and watching people share their art.

Mrs. Wittmann, one of the music teachers at Joel Barlow, said “Coffee House is student directed,” and that she and Mr. Breault, band and orchestra teacher at Joel barlow, “just provide the food,” she said.

Riley D’Agostino, junior at Joel Barlow, has gone to Coffee House since freshman year says that Coffee House is a “calm environment and it is not very frightening.” Before performing at Coffee House she was nervous but once she did it all of the nerves left. Her advice to first time performers is to “just do it.”

It’s such a welcoming environment Finn Navin, senior at Joel Barlow, MC and performer at Coffee House said “no matter what you perform people will like it.” “Don’t worry too much about going up and performing,” Navin said.

Even if you don’t perform at Coffee House it’s a great experience to just show up and watch everyone. Most people who do perform at Coffee House get inspired by other people.

Performing in front of a friendly audience is a great experience because it makes it easier later when doing a presentation for class or get in front of an audience– regardless of size. The great thing about performing at Coffee House is that there is this “homey intimate feeling,” Wittmann says, and that releases the formality and pressure of being in front of people.

Performances at Coffee House don’t always go as planned but that is what makes it so much better. There doesn’t need to be perfection.

Come to the next Coffee House on December 1, sit back, relax, feel inspired, enjoy the show.

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Coffee House: Free Food and Dope Music